Otter Toast Fan Bouncing Trap

Same agent had another flash fiction contest, this one using Otter, Toast, Fan, Bouncing, and Trap.  Didn’t win this one either.  If I could give one piece of advice to teenage me, or to any teenage boy who’s afraid to ask a girl out because of the fear of rejection, I’d say to write a story, then try to get it published.  You get over rejection real fucking quick.

“See you this afternoon,” Otter’s wife said.

“Good bye, dear,” Otter replied. “I love you.”

Down the path she went, her tail bouncing behind her. It was no coincidence the bounce had returned right after Beaver moved in upstream. Otter was not a fan of Beaver.

Maybe her love wasn’t real. Maybe it never had been. But Otter’s was. And so was his trap. Soon they’ll be caught in the rubble of Beaver’s dam, waiting for the flames to take them. In ten minutes, they’ll both be toast.

Oooh, Otter thought, toast sounds delicious!

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