Punch, scar, beach, send, Ken

A literary agent ran a flash fiction contest on her blog.  Deal was, write a story under 100 words using punch, scar, beach, send, and Ken.  Below is my entry.  I didn’t win, but you know all these anonymous, online, write-a story-in-the-comments-section-of-a-blog contests are all just popularity contests.

Anyway, enjoy!

Just one punch. One brutal, staggering punch. The kind that comes from a deep, dark fury. Enough to send that bastard Ken stumbling down the beach. He had it coming, though, didn’t he? A just reward for the emotional scar Jimmy now carried from watching Ken grope his mother. No one treats Jimmy’s mom like that.

You are so fucking lucky, Jimmy thought, that I’m only 2 years old.

Soon, Ken. Soon.

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