Psalms 2: Electric Boogaloo – The Complete, Unabridged Psalms of Reverend Buddy Bell

Psalm 151 – Guilty feet hath got no rhythm.

Psalm 152 – Every rose hath its thorns, just as every night hath its dawn.

Psalm 153 – Carryeth on, mine prodigal son.  There shalt be peace when thou art done.

Psalm 154 – Dust in the wind, all thou art, is dust in the wind.

Psalm155 – Mine anaconda wanteth none unless thou hast buns, hon.

Psalm 156 – When a problem cometh along, thou must whip it. When something goeth wrong, thou must whip it.

Psalm 157 – If there be a problem, I shalt solveth it, checketh out the hook whilst mine DJ revolveth it.

Psalm 158 – Oh, baby, thou, thou hast what I needeth, but thou sayeth he’s just a friend.

Psalm 159 – Waketh me up, before thou go-go, keepeth me not, hanging on like a yo-yo.

Psalm 160 – Thou hast to fight, for thine right, to party.

Psalm 161 – Thou must beatest it, no one wanteth to be defeated.  Showest how funky strong is thine fight. It matters not who’s wrong or right.

Psalm 162 – Verily, I sayeth unto thee, fat bottomed girls, thou makest the rocking world go round.

Psalm 163 – Thou must knowest when to hold ’em. Knowest when to fold ’em. Thou shalt knowest when to walk away, and knowest when to run.

Psalm 164 – Tis but a jump to the left. And then thou shalt step to the right. Hands on thine hips, thou shalt bringest thine knees in tight.

Psalm 165 – Searcheth for thine lost shaker of salt. Some shalt claimeth a woman be to blame, but thou knowest – tis nobody’s fault.

Psalm 166 – If thou covet pina coladas, and the rain, if thou refute yoga and possess half a brain, tis I thou doth seek, write to me and escape.

Psalm 167 – Never gonna giveth thou up, never gonna letteth thou down. Never gonna runneth around and deserteth thou.

Psalm 168 – Thou better shape up, alas, I needst a man. And mine heart is set up on thou. Thou better shape up, to mine heart I must be true.

Psalm 169 – Thou art nothin’ but a hound dog, cryin’ all the time. Thou hath ne’er caught a rabbit, and thou art no friend of mine.

Psalm 170 – Thou shalt rolleth down the street, smoketh endo, sippeth on gin and juice. With thy mind on thy money, and thy money on thy mind.

Psalm 171 – Thou shalt not stop believin’. Verily, I command thee, holdest on to the feelin’. Streetlights, people.

Psalm 172 – Our Lord on high, Rebekah, cast thine gaze upon her buttocks. Tis grand. She doth appear as if one of those rap guys’ girlfriends.

Psalm 173 – Thou shalt no be forgetful of mine number. Verily, love hath fortitude beyond that of a thunder.

Psalm 174 – Thou may dance if thou so desire, thou may abandon thy friends. For if thy friends danceth not, they shalt be no friends of mine.

Psalm 175 – Yon projectile hath pierced mine heart and thou art to blameth. Dearest maiden, thou hath bestowed upon love a bad name.

Psalm 176 – I hath been tryin’ babay, tryin’ to holdeth back this feelin’. And if thou feelest like I feelest, let’s lay together as if man and wife.

Psalm 177 – Verily, Mickey, thou art so fine, thou art so fine, thou blowest my mind. Alas, Mickey! Alas, Mickey!

Psalm 178 – If I stayest here with thou, girl, things shalt not remain the same. Lo, I’m as free as the dove, now, and this dove thou canst change.

Psalm 179 – Thou must cut loose, footloose. Kick of thine Sabbath shoes. I plead of thou, Louise, pullest me off of mine knees.

Psalm 180 – Shouldst there be something strange in thine neighborhood, who art thou gonna call? Disembodied apparition busters!

Psalm 181 – So, serving wench, bringeth forth a carafe, another round of wine. Maiden, why don’t we get drunk and lay together?

Psalm 182 – Alas, I hath been caught pilfering, once, when I was V…I enjoyest pilfering, tis just as simple as that.

Psalm 183 – And the name of the beast shalt be Kris Kross, and Kris Kross shalt maketh thee jump, jump.

Psalm 184 – Tis rainin’ men, Hallelujah. Tis rainin’ men, Amen. Thou shalt go out, thou shalt lettest thineself get absolutely soaking wet.

Psalm 185 – Lo, lo, lo, lo baby-pop! Cometh yonder, giveth unto me kiss. Thou best make it fast, or alas I shalt become pissed.

Psalm 186 – Money talks, but it doth not sing nor dance nor walk. If I can haveth thou here with me, I’d preferest to be, forever in blue jeans.

Psalm 187 – Once, I raneth unto thou. Now I shalt runneth from thou. This tainted love thou given unto me, I hath given thou all a boy could givest.

Psalm 188 – Shouldst I stay or shouldst I go now? If I go, there shalt be peril, and if I stay it shalt be two-fold.

Psalm 189 – Tonight, I shalt rejoice as if it were the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and ninety-nine.

Psalm 190 – I hath mine hands up, they art playing mine hymn. I knowest I shalt be okay, forsooth, tis a party in the Promised Land.

Psalm 191 – Forsooth, if thou were indeed enamored of it, then thou shouldst have put a ring upon it.

Psalm 192 – In West Canaan, born and raised, in the temple was where I spenteh most of mine days, preachin’ out, maxin’, prostelyzin’ all cool…

Psalm 193 – Thou spinnest me right ’round, betrothed, right ’round like yon millstone, betrothed.

Psalm194 – Someday somebody shalt maketh thou wish to turn ’round and bid farewell. Art thou to let them holdest thou down and makest thou weep?

Psalm 195 – I’m sailing away, seteth thine sextant for the virgin sea. I shalt be liberated, free to faceth the life that’s ahead of me.

Psalm 196 – Thine kiss is upon mine scroll, of the best things in life. Thine kiss i can ne’er resist, when I blowest out yon candle.

Psalm 197 – Tis a parable for all the fellas, thou may attempt to do what yon maidens tell us, getteth shot down cause thou art over-desirous.

Psalm 198 – The Hitites doth speak, canst they just letteth me live? I needeth not permission, maketh mine own decisions, tis mine prerogative.

Psalm 199 – She’s a limestone dwelling. She’s dressed immodestly. The maiden’s stacked, and lo, tis a fact, she doth reserve nothing.

Psalm 200 – My perils doth be one shy of a century, but verily, a disrespectful maid of low moral standing be not one.

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