Things That Should Be Names of Sex Acts


The Linus Van Pelt

Gepetto’s Workshop

The Sticky Ladder

Manitoba Lockjaw

Manheim Steamroller

The Purple Toenail

Donner and Blitzen

The Al Roker

Tibetan Barking Spider

Tennessee Sunshine

The Flying Snapper

The Whirling Dervish

Mickey’s Fun House

Aunt Marge and Her Angry Cousin

The Soapless Carwash

Elevator Muzak

The Floppy Cactus

The Wichita Flame Thrower

Seven Minutes in Thailand

Mexican Prison

The Penguins of Madagascar

A Sphincter Says “What?”

The Unlicensed Dentist

The Balloon Payment

The Fiddler’s Revenge

A Belgian Waffle

The Parisian Hobo

Darby Blankenship’s Doctoral Thesis

Three Parisian Hobos

“No, You’re Allergic to Scorpions!”

Mississippi Butter Churner

Bombs Over Baghdad

Mr. Magoo Gets a Surprise

A Cantaloupe and A Little Courage

Going To Dairy Queen

Martha’s Vineyard

The Croatian Windmill

Norwegian Fjord Hound

The Trumpet of the Gods

The Bottomless Bread Basket

The Electoral College

The Van Der Graaf Generator

Dian Fossey and The Silent Gorilla

The Mobius Strip

A Cartesian Circle

The Bering Strait

The Flying Hobbit

Minnesota Launchpad

Pluto’s Remorse

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